Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Idaho Falls to Ennis, MT

Idaho is easily my favorite state.  Forget for a minute that it has every kind of geography that you can name.  I have pedaled in almost every state in the union and none match the courtesy of Idaho drivers.  What more could you want?

From Idaho Falls I made my way through Rexburg and found a nice campground near Ashton, but it wasn't open yet.  They're seasonal and I was early.   

But everybody has sympathy for a biker and I was given my choice for campsites.   

The next morning it was a short ride to breakfast and then a longer ride to a reasonable lunch break.   There I checked the weather radar and decided stopping was the best idea.  It was only noon, but, the weather.  

I fell asleep in my tent as the thunder rolled in, and woke up to bright sunshine.  It was early but I'd already sprung for the camping fee ($10) and if I rode on, I'd cover more miles but not much else.  Everything "down stream" was closed for the season.  

I found that out the next day.  As I rode north, I stopped at every restaurant I came to.  I wish one of them had been open.  I passed on a bar and grill just ten miles from my destination, it was the only place I'd seen that was open, but I was so close to Ennis.  

Ennis has quickly bumped its way to the top three of my favorite towns.  Is it the many restaurants?  The many bars?  The distillery named after me?  All of the above?  Yes, yes, and a population of 838, yes.  Seriously, if I stop blogging, look for me here first.  

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