Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tremonton to Idaho Falls

Leaving Tremonton, I learned that I was quite a ways ahead of schedule.  This prompted me to have another cup of coffee at the only place in town that served breakfast.  Then back on the road, ever northward.  

I had ambitious plans for the day, plans that would get me 150 miles to Idaho Falls in just two days.  But suddenly, that plan seemed unnecessarily hard on my legs and seat.  Instead of pushing 93 miles to the next town on the map, I stopped at 50 and set up my tent at the Summit Campground in the Caribou Nat'l Forest.  

The next day seemed short, still 50 miles but telemetry revealed it was mostly flat and downhill.  In Pocatello I got a room at a motel with more gear problems.  My fancy inflatable camping mattress sprung a leak (I've slept on it less than seven times!).  Last night I woke every two hours to re-inflate it.  I found the leak using the tub in the motel room; oddly, it was in the center on top.  Not even a part that touches the ground or is exposed during storage.  

From Pocatello to Idaho Falls was another relaxing 50 mile ride.  For a while I was on the shoulder of a quiet highway, pleasant enough, but then I turned off onto backroads that roughly paralleled the highway - even better.  

I took a day off in Idaho Falls, not needing it as much as having time for it.  But then when I got ready to leave, weather.  I was faced with riding ahead of the rain, risking it catching me on the road, certainly raining on me as I camped that night, or staying another day. 

As is customary, the weather was cold and wet while I debated riding, and sunny and warm as soon as I committed to staying put.  But time is my ally. And tomorrow's weather should be nice enough to make the riding decision much easier.  

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