Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Wellington to Tremonton

It was early for a day off and I was ready to roll.  But I kept looking out the window, second guessing myself.  In the end, the day was cold and windy.  Staying put was the right decision.  

Then I was off, enjoying a ride uphill.  And more uphill. And still more uphill.  Ohmygoduphill.  Solider Summit, almost 7500 feet above sea level. 

The downhill should have been a hoot.  It was not. 

Headwinds, crosswinds, road shoulder that varied from reasonable to none, and lots of traffic.  Seven hours (and six minutes) got me to a destination.  I was so wiped out, it took all my effort to get some food, a chore that involved walking across a parking lot. 

But then another day, and another ride.  In this case, another 73 miles, this time through a very urban area known to the locals as Salt Lake City.  Mercifully, there was very little uphill and google maps kept me on bike paths for most of the day.  Just what I needed after the self-punishment the day before.  Welcome to Woods Cross.  

From there I continued north using a mixture of bike paths and roads.  It was interesting to see how the area became more rural as I left SLC behind.  The transition is always gradual. 

I stopped for the night (and a day off) in Tremonton.  If you're following along on a map, I'm only 21 miles from Idaho. 

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