Saturday, September 9, 2017

Since the Great Divide trip ended, I’ve been enjoying some camping and motorcycle riding, reading books, listening to podcasts, pretty much anything that doesn’t involve spending all day on a bicycle.

I’ve camped in the Gila National Forest, the Apache National Forest, the Cebolla Wilderness Area, and the Santa Fe National Forest.  At one place I was noticed by the Forest Service who politely point out that they have a 14 days (per 30-day period) stay limit.  I was allowed a couple extra days upon asking, which seemed nice.  I was the only one in the campground most of that time, so I wasn’t really putting anyone out…

I was returning to my campsite on a motorcycle and spotted a snake in the road.  I was able to miss it, but not by much.  Not enough for the snake, for as I went by, I saw it strike.  That was the first (and hopefully last) time I’ve been struck by a rattle snake.

The actual snake that struck me.  I gave it a pass this time...

I wasn’t too worried.  I was wearing a leather jacket, pants, and leather boots.  Plus, I figured with a rattle snake using heat sensitive vision, the motorcycle was literally twice as hot as I was.  So, I guess that was the first time my motorcycle has been struck by a snake.  I never found the bite marks anyway. 

spring loaded candles and New Mexico weather.

On two separate occasions, different days, different motorcycles, I managed to get stuck behind a stripe painter.  Both times they were painting a white stripe on the right side and two yellow stripes on the centerline.  Both times I followed till they had demonstrated no intention of letting me by and the motorcycle was in danger of overheating.  Those things are not made for parades.  So both times I had to pass and leave yellow moto-footprints on the road.  Jerks.  

65 mpg!  Easier on gas than it is on tires.

Despite the slightly confusing road signs, it's tough to get lost on this road.

left or right, those are your choices.

Turns so tight that you can see road signs for oncoming traffic.

Dropped of both my girlfriends for service. 

I had intended to head northwest to Washington but didn’t make it out of New Mexico before I was offered a house-sitting gig.  Too good to pass up, it’ll give me an address to use to get new tires for the KTM, again.  That bike is fun to ride but this will be the fourth set of tires in less than 8000 miles.

So sometime in October I’ll be on the road again, not sure where to as winter will be setting in.  Even now, in Arizona in August, I’m feeling a chill at night at the high elevations where I’ve been camping.